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{Monday, April 26, 2004}

You know you run in Catholic Nerd circles when:

While listening to Catholic Answers Live on your way home from work, you hear "Laura from Indianapolis" and wonder if that is if that is your friend Laura who lives in Indy.
When you establish it is, you flip out, then recieve a call on your cell from someone and say, frantically, "I gotta call you back, Laura's on the radio."
To which the caller replies, "I know, I was calling to tell you."
After listening to your friend's question (about spiritual direction) and the guest's answer (that, among other things, he can email her a list of helpful books), you call her, yelling into the phone, "I just heard you on the radio!"
To which she replies, " I figured either you or Jeannine would be calling me."
While you are on the phone, the first caller calls back and you say, "Now I am talking to Laura"
To which he replies, "Ask her to forward the email to me when she gets it from him."

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