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{Wednesday, March 19, 2003}

...when a friend asks you to stop by the Catholic bookstore and pick up a statue of St. Joseph, you ask "Do you want a nice one for your house, or one to bury upside down to sell a house?"

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...your daily planner is a "Liturgical Desk Calendar."

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{Friday, March 14, 2003}

...you don't feel right about eating a donut on Friday because its lent. You didn't give up sweets or anything, but somehow that just doesn't seem right.

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...you are looking up Mass times in the yellow pages (you might think a nerd would have all the Mass times memorized, but my argument is that a real nerd respects parish boundires and only attends the correct church) and you say, "Why do they have Comp. Line listed?" and your friend thinks that you are referring to the Liturgy of the Hours.

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...somebody tells you they want to be a saint and you take them seriously.

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...your friend is telling you about another friend who gets up every morning at 5, prays a Holy Hour and then goes to Mass. He finishes talling you about her by saying "I guess you know what she's discerning" and you do.

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{Friday, March 07, 2003}

...you stop and compare ashes with friends after Mass.

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{Thursday, March 06, 2003}

...when problems at work (or in life in general) get out of hand, you go looking for a good novena.

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